Think tank say UK cities need renewable energy investment

A report by IPPR, a think tank, has suggested that UK cities should invest in green energy production, creating real competition to the UK’s leading energy companies.

Renewable energy could substantially make a difference to cities; especially given they take up two-thirds of the world’s energy consumption, and 70% of CO2 emissions says IPPR.

The think tank has highlighted the pledge that Munich, Germany has made, targeting itself to provide energy to one million residents with renewable electricity by 2025.  The German city has already invested a whopping 900m Euros, and plans further 9bn Euros.

The report is quoted as stating, "Britain's cities could transform efforts to create a cleaner, smarter and more affordable energy system.”

Some UK cities are already investing in renewable energy. Take Bristol, who is planning to install one gigawatt solar panels by 2020.  Whilst Aberdeen aims to provide energy via wind farms that will run buses on hydrogen produced as a result.

The UK BID scene is also keen to invest in helping the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.  Meercat Associates, as UK leading experts on environmental practices for businesses have helped many BIDs in the UK.  Take for example, prestigious Fitzrovia & Baker Street BIDs, whereby the BID Savings Team at Meercat, experts in waste and recycle management, implemented a successful W&R programme.  It saw the two BIDs collectively bringing together the recycle collection and waste disposal needs of the districts together.  As a result, not only were costs significantly reduced but it had a positive environmental impact too.

What’s more, Meercat Associates were recently awarded the coveted Green Apple Awards due to their environmental practice.  The award sees the BID procurement company placed in the world’s only annual green reference resource for industries worldwide for best environmental practice.

Furthermore, Meercat have been asked to be Green World Ambassadors for 2015. 

So if your BID wants to make significant environmental and monetary savings, get in touch today and see how the Meercat BID Savings Team can bring genuine savings on…

  • Utilities – gas & electricity 
  • Waste & recycle
  • Private hire
  • Telecoms
  • Pest Control
  • Print
  • Testing
  • Couriers
  • Handyman

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