Meercat Associates wins Bronze at Zero Waste Awards. 

This follows our Green Apple Environment Award won earlier in 2014.

Zero waste is no longer a utopian dream. The reality, which policymakers and waste producers are increasingly recognising, is that waste must end if our world is to become sustainable.

Businesses, public authorities and third sector organisations are becoming more and more aware of the importance of zero waste. They want to be part of the sustainability solution, and the Zero Waste Awards recognises and rewards them for doing so.

Each award is judged across five criteria:

  • Waste prevention
  • Re-use
  • Recycle/Compost/Recover
  • Energy Recovery
  • General

Meercat’s submission, entitled, Zero-2-landfill, covered work carried out across London and Edinburgh. We reviewed entire Business Improvement Districts to reduce traffic flow (from over 19 waste trucks to just 1), reducing costs and improving service levels for each business whilst building an entire zero-2-landfill community. 

Meercat Associates have now achieved zero-2-landfill communities across a dozen BIDs.  This has meant waste costs have reduced by 40 – 50% and all the BID members waste is diverted from landfill within an iso14001 compliant scheme.  Education is a key part of the process with the Meercats working with staff, cleaners and suppliers in addition to local charities to ensure they are given first choice on any usable office items.  They also use the same stationary supplier so all recycled products are contained within the scheme.

The Zero Waste Awards are awarded quarterly and have been running for 2 years.  They were created by the Environment Media Group as a response to Caroline Spelman’s statement back in 2011.

"We are committed to working towards a zero waste economy as part of the transition to a green economy and our commitment to be the greenest government ever. Communities and businesses can help us become a first-class zero-waste economy and unlock the real value in the goods that people no longer want." Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State, Defra. Waste Review June 2011

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