Energy Procurement – Why get help?

In the volatile energy market it’s becoming increasingly important to be able to source the best tariffs to ensure that you are not over paying annually for your supplies. Your utility costs are a large portion of your business spend, understanding what a reasonable tariff rate is can be confusing as each supplier seems to like presenting their rates in different formats making it confusing and difficult for you to compare prices.

Meercat Associates advises and assists clients in securing the best solution and the best rates from energy wholesalers/suppliers. Since electricity and natural gas are commodities, prices change daily with the market, so understand the market and constantly monitoring is vital as once you sign the contract you are tied in with no chance of renegotiating.

It is a frustrating and time consuming time for most businesses and without energy managers to obtain price comparisons from a variety of suppliers on the same day, can be challenging. Let’s also remember that the terms of the particular contract offered by the supplier influences the price that is quoted, just to ensure that things are even less straight forward.

Meercat Associates provide a valuable service as we work with a large number of suppliers and can actually compile the sundry prices from suppliers. An important aspect of this consulting role is to assure that the client understands the differences between the contract offers. Working as a National Buying Group across the UK, Meercat Associates have the ability to aggregate clients to obtain additional leverage over the suppliers when it comes to negotiating rates.

Working together is working better, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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