The UK BID Scene

UKBIDs define a BID as:

A Business Improvement District is a partnership between a local authority and the local business community to develop projects and services that will benefit the trading environment within the boundary of a clearly defined commercial area.

When Meercat Associates formed in 2007 there was 60 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) established across England, Wales and Scotland. This meant a lot of buying power across the UK that could be harnessed to give each BID member significant business cost savings. Today the number of BID’s has exceeded 150 and there is visibility of many more in development. BiD’s have grown in strength and Meercat Associates has grown with them in their ability to bring business together, save money, improve quality and reduce environmental footprints.

Although not limited to London in their success, here’s what Boris Johnson, Mayor of London has to say about BIDs:

"Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) make an excellent contribution to our overall economy and contribute a great deal towards achieving my vision of London as the best big city on earth. I am very proud of London's record on BIDs, and would like to encourage the development of more BIDs across our great city."

And the GLA make a make great points on the benefits a BID can bring to a community: The business benefits of BIDs include:

  • BID levy money is ring-fenced for use only in the BID area.
  • Businesses decide and direct what they want for the area.
  • Business cost reduction, for example reduced crime and joint procurement.
  • Help in dealings with Local Councils, the Police and other public bodies.
  • Increased footfall and staff retention.
  • Place promotion.
  • Facilitated networking opportunities with neighbouring businesses.

150+ Communities and tens of thousands of businesses across the UK make up the UK BID scene. Contact Meercat Associates for more information on your local Business Improvement District and the benefits it can bring you.

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