Do Londoners have a shorter or longer live expectancy than European City Neighbours?

Answer: Shorter, and by 5 years!

And why?  Well, the air quality in London is so bad that Londoners are expected to live 5 years less than those in other European cities.

What’s more, London air quality is 6 times more than the European Standard advises!

But did you also know that through the Business Improvement Districts, Meercat are looking at improving this statistic?

For example, Meercat’s expert knowledge and procurement of waste and recycle schemes mean that far fewer commercial vehicles are frequenting a BID. This reduces CO2 emissions and congested roads, which in turn gives a more appealing look and feel to a District, thus increasing footfall.

And what about gas and electricity, and even out of date, inefficient boilers?  All of which, if not used efficiently, can impact the environment.  Again, get us in to secure the very best utility tariffs which save money and resources.  It’s all possible thanks to our huge buying power, in conjunction with the National BID Buying Group.   Guaranteed to save money and help the environment too!

Then, perhaps, the monies secured by the BID can go into creating a greener space – planting trees and shrubs perhaps?   

See, from small acorns big oak trees can grow… A small ‘acorn’ change i.e getting Meercat Associates in, can make a big ‘oak tree’ difference!

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