Meercat Offer Huge Benefits & Cost Savings to a BID

Being part of a Business Improvement District (BID) brings huge benefit to the business community.  And Meercat bring a wealth of benefits to a BID.

At a time when High Streets are being pushed to their limits, competing with out of town shopping centres, supermarkets and the internet. 

A high street business must not only spend its expertise on engaging their customers but also to bring down operational costs, all of which have a knock on effect on prices, sales and ultimately footfall.

That’s why all high streets and shopping areas can benefit from joining the every number of increasing Business Improvement Districts around the UK.

The key benefits and objectives of a BID are to:

  • Increase Footfall
  • Harness Buying Power – Meercat’s speciality
  • Having a United Voice
  • Gas and electricity
  • Telecoms
  • Waste & Recycle
  • Print
  • Private Hire, Taxis and Couriers
  • Handyman Services
  • Pest Control
  • Events are created to bring the shopping/business community together
  • Environmental improvements such as reduced commercial traffic
  • Improvements to the communities facilities

Meercat Associates understand these important principals and as such, helps businesses make maximum savings on the everyday running costs a business is faced with, to harness that buying power.

Meercat has a unique buying power across the UK which brings big savings to the UK’s Business Improvement Districts. 

What’s more, these maximum savings are brought to both the BID, and with minimal effort to each BID business.  It’s the harnessed buying power of Meercat, as part of the National Bid Buying Group, and the understanding of the hundreds of different rates and tariffs in the market place that ensure savings across a BID.

The Meercat Bid Savings Team brings bona fide savings on:

Another benefit to being part of a successful Business Improvement District is the perceived enhancements it brings to the local community:

This is achieved by the BID Levy membership monies being invested in local improvements and facilities – for example, money could be used to upgrade street lighting, seating areas, cleaning etc.

Again, this environmental concern to a BID is where Meercat can step in and help a Business Improvement District, as experts in Waste & Recycle schemes.  

So if your BID is looking to take advantage of an impressive buying power against gas and electricity, waste & recycling, telecoms, print, private fleet hire, handyman services, pest control and print then get in touch today.

Our expert BID Savings Team offers a dedicated Consultant to look at every individual need of the Business Improvement District.

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