What BID can afford to waste money?

What BID can afford to waste money?

What BID doesn’t want to save money?

Now Business Improvement District could be forgiven for thinking that telecoms are one area that can’t be changed for its members without considerable stress, time and effort on the part of each business.

But they’d be wrong. By getting us, Meercat Associates, involved savings can be achieved with minimal effort to each BID business.

What’s more, our expertise and experience in comparing the telecoms market place, means a business can keep its existing telecom infrastructure in place should they wish.

All areas of telecoms can be reviewed to find cheaper, more cost effective tariffs including:

  • Business Landlines
  • Business Mobiles
  • Broadband
  • VoIP
  • Call Centre Solutions

And it doesn’t matter if a business has one, ten or a hundred telephone lines. A full audit by the Meercat BID Savings Team will establish your correct usage and needs and where changes can be implemented.  And with the buying power of the National BID Buying Group, substantial savings can be made on the smallest of requirements.

The entire process is managed by the Meercat BID Savings Team.  From researching the whole of market – because we aren’t limited to a few contractors that we have relationships with - we look at every telecoms supplier to get the very best, most suitable tariffs for each and every business. What’s more, even the implementation is dealt with by the Meercat BID Saving Team. This leaves every BID business free to do what they do best – look after their business and make money – whilst we do what we’re best at – finding ways to save your BID money.

So get in touch today and see how we can save your BID time and money on your telecoms solutions. 

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