Exclusive National BID Buying Group

Meercat Associates work exclusively with The National BID Buying Group.

The National BID Buying Group, through clever and collective purchasing, are able to secure Business Improvement Districts across the UK with unrivalled price deals on a whole host of business running costs.

By group buying the needs of business members within a single BID, or together collectively with other BIDs across the UK creates an immense buying power. This leads to huge savings for BIDs and their members, yet delivered with one-to-one, personal service.

The beauty of Meercat, the BID Savings Team and The National BID Buying Group is that

  • They have access to the whole of market.
  • So each and every tariff and rate is available to a BID.
  • Often with access to tariffs not available on the open market.
  • They are not restricted to limited contracts and deals through contracts and tie-ins with providers.
  • Utilities – gas & electricity 
  • Waste & recycle
  • Private hire
  • Telecoms
  • Pest Control
  • Print
  • Testing
  • Couriers
  • Handyman

All BIDs and their members, by using the Meercat BID Savings Team and The National BID Buying Group, are given a dedicated service to access and switch tariffs on operating costs

Ongoing support and service is offered to ensure the right tariff is found based on needs and usage and switching and completion is dealt with quickly, swiftly and efficiently.  

The BID business gets an individual bill and knows no difference in the way their product and service is managed or delivered. The only difference they notice, by having their product purchased through the National Buying Group, is the substantial savings they have gained.

Working exclusively with Meercat, Business Improvement Districts are able to offer their members considerable savings on the escalating costs of:

Speak to Meercat Associates today and see how your Business Improvement District can benefit from The National BID Buying Group.  Contact us today on 01444 416529 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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