Savings Tips to Help Reduce Usage & Spend!

Savings money should be on the top of everybody’s agenda. And with our easy to implement energy savings tips you can get started straight away…

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  • Savings Tip 3 – Fit lighting occupancy sensors, lighting spaces only when occupied. These can reduce lighting costs by a massive 30%.   
  • Savings Tip 4 - Put photocopiers & printers in ventilated areas, in cooler northerly positions, so they don’t waste costly energy staying cool. 
  • Savings Tip 5 - Regular maintenance of electrical equipment keeps costs down. Equipment will run more efficiently and will last longer. Set up regular maintenance programmes.
  • Savings Tip 6 – If you’ve fluorescent tube lighting, change from T12 tubes to T8s for savings of 10%! What’s more, upgrade to T5 lamps elsewhere to make even bigger savings!
  • Savings Tip 7 – Common over lit offices cost money. Instead, take advantage of natural lighting to brighten a room. And remember to keep windows and skylights clean to let in more, FREE, light!
  • Savings Tip 8 – Consider using plug-in timers on equipment like non-perishable vending machines and printers. They drain power overnight and at weekend, even when not in use!

Don’t forget – Meercat Associates can help you make BIG savings on your essential day-to-day running costs thanks to their exclusive work with The National BID Buying Group!

  • Utilities – gas & electricity 
  • Waste & recycle
  • Private hire
  • Telecoms
  • Pest Control
  • Print
  • Testing
  • Couriers
  • Handyman

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