Ofgem Demand Better Bill Format for Easier Comparison & Switch

Ofgem Announce New Look Energy Bills For Easy Comparison & Switch

Ofgem, the regulator for gas and energy suppliers, has imposed new regulations on energy suppliers over the format of their bills.

Currently, the bills are considered confusing and as a result deter customers to investigate fully the price they are paying for their utilities.  This subsequently puts them off switching for a better deal. At the moment only 10% of customers have switched to cheaper tariffs.

Therefore, all new bills will present the billing information in a clear way.  What’s more, regardless of the supplier, all bills will follow the same generic format.  Each new bill will have sector information included – these are…

  • Tariff Information Label (TIL) - clearly stating the units used, unit prices and other related costs.
  • Tariff Consumption Rate (TCR) – this will make comparing costs between suppliers easier, giving the customer more educated information to consider a switch.
  • Personal Projection –this will show a projection of the customer’s usage through the year so customers can estimate the cost of their utility bills, and ultimately see if they can reduce that by switching suppliers.

Ofgem are hoping that more customers will take the time to research a better deal, rather than sticking with their supplier out of convenience.   For those customers that do take the time have saved as much as £150 a year on their energy bills.

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