Beware of Bogus Ghost Insurance Broker Scams

Don’t fall for the promise of cheap motor insurance claims from bogus motor insurance brokers.

You could fall foul of fake policies that are not real and any accident claims become null and void. Read on for details on this worrying trend that’s already effected 600 businesses, and made the dodgy brokers rack up more than £500,000!!!!!

There has been an influx in bogus companies, claiming to be reputable procurement specialists in the motor insurance market.

They say they will cut motor insurance for companies across the UK, as businesses get lured in with the ever rising costs of premiums.

The ‘ghost insurance brokers’ seem legitimate on the surface, but they are far from genuine. They boast tales of reduced premiums but they aren’t real.

These criminal organisations work in many ways…  Sometimes they issue motor insurance schedules that are in fact copies, with a victim’s details inserted.   Other times, they take out a genuine policy but quickly cancel it, pocketing the refund. And other times, they simply lie to get cheaper quotes by changing the driver and policy details.

All this equates to totally invalid motor insurance policies whereby claims cannot be made. What’s more, the unaware drivers run the risk of a criminal conviction because they are driving without the correct insurance.

Across the UK, over 600 companies have fallen for such unscrupulous ‘Ghost Brokers’, seeing the dodgy brokers rack up more than £500,000!!!!!

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